Research methods & Target populations

PharmaQuest performs Qualitative and Quantitative studies among the following populations:• Physicians of all • Nurses and medical staff• Other professionals: pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians• Experts in the field of medicine• Policy makers and health executives• General public• Age specific market segments like teenagers, young adults, adults over 45, women or men• Patients according to any pathology or disease


At PharmaQuest, before deciding on sample size, the target populations is closely investigated with respect to different groups within the target population, their size and the geographic distribution.Representative sampling of physicians and other professional personnel is done according  to well defined and known parameters.In on-line studies each physician has an equal probability to participate in the survey since a link with an invitation to participate in the survey is sent to all physicians in a specific specialty.Sampling points of sale, pharmacies or clinics are done according to geographic distribution and other specific parameters.Patients are reached either with the assistance of physicians (in rare diseases) or using on-line patient communities, forums and patient advocacy groups.


Sampling the General Population


In the general population and among specific segments of the population, the definition of the characteristics of the sample is based on data derived from the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics. General public on-line samples are later on validated and weighted according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics. Reaching the general public in online studies is done via banners in Facebook and Google ads or through specific websites, so as to enable each surfer to be included in the sample.


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