PharmaQuest conducts comprehensive studies or fast and low budget go/not go studies. When a market or a therapeutic area is analyzed a full or partial mapping of the area of interest is provided, including  calculations of market size, a description of the structure of the market, the nature and intensity of competition and SWOT analysis.


We do Situational Market Analysis in existing and new markets in order to introduce a new medication, to include a product in the health basket (reimbursement), to assess product branding in comparison to competitors, to be prepared for newly entering competition or to be prepared for the market's transition to generics. We help assess market shares, identify threats and opportunities and consult on how to increase sales for an existing product,. 


A comprehensive analysis of a therapeutic area is provided and that includes the scope of a market, market shares of major players in the market, profitability, sales forecast, and market strategies and tactics.


We perform Segmentation and Targeting on introduction of a new medicinal, or in case there is a new indication for an existing product, requiring activity in a new field or new specialty' or on re-assessing the target population. S&T helps determine the frequency and length of visits as well as the nature of the messages that should be communicated, according to physician's interest.


Market Analysis & Potential Calculations

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