Medicinal Product Life Cycle Strategy

 PharmaQuest   provides marketing research and consulting in all stages of the life cycle of medicinal products, in Rx & OTC medications as well as medical devices.



In the Pre-clinical stage (Phases 1-3) we perform research studies among KOLs, we identify unmet needs in the area, we map the market and calculate market sizing,


In the pre-launch stage we provide our clients with Market and Situational Analysis, segmentation and targeting of physicians and other target groups. The results of which, constitute the basis of strategic decisions.


In the Launch stage we measure for our clients their products' penetration and growth by means of Tracking (ATU) studies, recall tests, and physicians' satisfaction with medical representatives' conduct.


In the Growth and Maturity stages we perform studies for assisting change in strategic decisions on demand and according to clients' needs. 

 And in Saturation and Decline we help by offering interactive solutions maximize sales.


Tools for use in the medicinal product life cycle

PharmaQuest   offers interactive means which enable to assess awareness and knowledge of physicians/ respondents on specific subjects, while creating a high level of involvement on their part.
These interactive tools enable, on the one hand, to get information on physician's/ respondent's  knowledge, attitude and understanding of a message and on the other hand to pass on back to him/her  information and messages.


Medical Quiz – Involves up to 10 questions in a therapeutic area. Physicians answer the quiz and on termination the answers screen is opened automatically and the physicians can see their marks, the correct answers, as well as elaboration of the answer

with links to articles.


Case Study – enables to get information on modes of treatment and get the notion of how and what medications are selected in a specific case. It creates an interest on the part of the physicians and at the same time train them in using the product

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