Types of Studies performed by PharmaQuest:

Qualitative Studies:

• Focus groups• In depth interviews• Observational studies at the point of sale• Ethnographic studiesQuantitative Studies:


•  Omnibus and fast on-line studies in primary care

•  ATU – physician attitude and usage studies in all therapeutic areas 

•  Message recall tests

•  Assessment of field force effectiveness 

•  Marketing and advertising concepts, copy and detail-aids on-line tests 

•  Situational marketing assessment and forecasting

•  Market Mapping Research

•  The analysis of markets and market potential

•  Assessing the feasibility of new products introduction to the market or changing features of existing products, including


potential calculations (on two levels: normal studies, and fast go/no go, low cost studies in case of budget limitations) 

•  Segmentation and Targeting studies for assessing marketing strategy 

•  Positioning and branding studies designed for formulating marketing strategy

•  Physicians and HMO satisfaction with company services

•  Company/product image studies correlated with prescribing behavior

•  Tests to assess the effectiveness of promotional activity

•  Sales force effectiveness

•  Market share analysis

•  Surveys designed for public relations or advertising campaigns' use 

•  Patient record tracking studies for clinical research and marketing purposes


Research in Health & Medicine

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