PharmaQuest consults and does the necessary studies for the concept & messages development for a new medicinal product, a new indication to an existing product for strategic changes in existing products.


Traditionally, marketing concepts are tested in focus groups. 's online CAWI system provides reliable and statistically significant results at a cost that is close to that of one focus group.

Focus groups usually consist of 8-10 participants, whereas our internet survey may reach sample sizes of 30  to 100 physicians, depending on target group size or budget.


The results provided reflect and mimic the physician in real world situation when he/she is exposed to the advertising concept.

By means of the online system professional presentations, prepared for medical representatives for promotion can be tested or anything else that requires physician's feedback for decision making.

After developing the concept and messages they are communicated to the physicians. Later on, after several months a Recall Test is performed to assess physicians' recall of the messages. reject


PharmaQuest uses advanced models to perform Recall Test which provides a wide span of information both about Reps' activity and about the quality of the messages

Creating & analyzing Marketing Concepts & Messages

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